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Happy Birthday To Beverly’s Baby Kenzie!!!!!

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Wow. This Blog Has 207 Followers?

I Feel So Bad About Not Posting Frequently.

I Know I’ve Kinda Been Absent For A While. I Really Need Help Running This Account.

Like For Reals. I Never Have Time For This Anymore And I Don’t Want To Give Up This Blog :(

Ask me anything Fri, Mar. 28, 2014
sexyniallerhoran Asked:
you can watch 7th heaven on "project free tv", I think the link is something like "free-tv-online-me", google it and you find the link. They have almost every tv series, included 7th heaven last time I checked! :)

For anyone asking

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I’m Watching The Episode Of Season 1 Where Lucy Wants To Try Out For Cheerleading.

I’m a cheerleader and it’s making me nuts. I can’t watch people cheer on TV shows without picking apart everything they’re doing wrong. She wasn’t that bad, but I still identified everything she was doing wrong.

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Have I Ever Said How Much I LOVE 7th Heaven…

Just Sayin’.

I’ve started my Season 1 Rewatch. I’m up to the Halloween one.

Ask me anything Tue, Dec. 03, 2013 2 notes
savysays Asked:
do you know where i can watch 7th heaven online for free?

I actually get this question a lot and the answer is no. I’m sorry. If anyone has any links or anything PLEASE let me know so I can post them. You might try YouTube and see if they have any there.


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Guys. I Really Would Update A Lot More Often If You’d Tell Me What You wanted For This Blog.

I Can’t Make Gifs, But I Did Used To Make Edits And Take Screen Caps And Stuff. You Can Always Ask me Questions or Opinions about stuff. Don’t Be Strangers!

Ask me anything Thu, Nov. 21, 2013
we-wa Asked:
Hey, do you have any gifs from episode from 9x09? :)

Sorry. I can’t make gifs. I wish I could. :(

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